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Web Development , Learn Symfony

Symfony Tutorial


Symfony Tutorial

Symfony Tutorial



Symfony is an open-source PHP web application framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Symfony is sponsored by SensioLabs. It was developed by Fabien Potencier in 2005. This tutorial will give you a quick introduction to the Symfony framework and make you comfortable with its various components.



This tutorial has been prepared for beginners who want to learn the fundamental concepts of the Symfony framework. The readers will get enough understanding of how to create and develop a website using Symfony.



Before proceeding with the various types of components given in this tutorial, it is being assumed that the readers are already aware of what a Framework is. In addition to this, it will also be very helpful if you have a sound knowledge of HTML, PHP, and OOPS concepts.


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