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Apple Honors Veterans Day With New Section on App Store –

Apple today opened up a new section of its iOS App Store called “For Those Who Serve” in honor of Veterans Day today, November 11. The company said that the collection of apps within the new category focus on “the latest military news, essential health and wellness info, and other valuable tools for everyday life.” Each app in the section can be found listed below.


MarinesMobile [Direct Link]
US Army News & Information [Direct Link]
The Official U.S. Navy App [Direct Link]
AF Link [Direct Link]
Military News from Stars and Stripes [Direct Link]
Military 24/7 for iPhone [Direct Link]

Hero Care by American Red Cross [Direct Link]
Blue Star Families [Direct Link]
USAA Mobile [Direct Link]
Transition by [Direct Link]
USCG HSWL [Direct Link]
Base Directory [Direct Link]
RallyPoint [Direct Link]
Vetmoji [Direct Link]
Army OneSource Services Locator [Direct Link]

Charity Miles [Direct Link]
Sesame Street for Military Families [Direct Link]
PTSD Coach [Direct Link]
Moving Forward [Direct Link]
Stay Quit Coach [Direct Link]
MOVE! Coach [Direct Link]
Navy PRT [Direct Link]
Mindfulness Coach [Direct Link]
Army First Aid [Direct Link]
Headspace [Direct Link]
Calm [Direct Link]

Apple CEO Tim Cook also tweeted out support for military veterans this morning, including those working within Apple. There’s a new “Saluting Our Veterans” section on Apple Music today as well, featuring playlists filled with music handpicked by “a diverse group of former service members.”

Veterans Day is held annually in the United States on November 11, as a way to celebrate and remember individuals who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.