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Apple Creates ‘Orchard’ Program to Find Upcoming Marketing Talent –

Apple Creates ‘Orchard’ Program to Find Upcoming Marketing Talent

In the past couple of days, several Apple employees have begun tweeting about the Orchard, a new program created by Apple to find upcoming marketing talent. The Cupertino company has also created an Orchard page on its website teasing the program.


The moment is now. Throw everything you know out the window. All in. Head first. Join the Orchard. If you’re lucky enough to make the cut, expect to surround yourself with like-minded souls who are as terrified and excited as you are. Be part of a hand-picked team with a plethora of talent. Kick ass together. Panic together. Grow together. Work alongside the brains of all the iconic work you love from Apple. Watch and learn. Trust your gut. Challenge our ways. Have an impact on everything you touch. Be prepared to stumble and fumble and embarrass yourself. It will be messy, and it won’t be pretty at times, but if you stick together as a team, you’ll build a special bond and something truly great will come out of it all. Take it from us. It’s the only way. Does this whole proposal sound crazy to you? Good. We like crazy.

On its jobs page, Apple explains that the Orchard will be made up of 10 participants. Of those 10, there will be 4 art directors, 4 copywriters and 2 strategic planners. The program will last for six months and give participants the opportunity to work and grow alongside Apple’s marketing communications team. The Orchard is intended for those with 0 to 3 years of experience.

The goal of the program, according to Apple, is for the “mutual learning and growth of the next generation of Apple thinkers and creators.” Participants of the Orchard will also go through a set curriculum, receive mentoring from Apple employees and work on Apple projects. Enrichment opportunities and sessions with leaders of Apple departments outside of marketing will also be available.

Applicants must submit a cover letter, resume and examples of design, marketing or advertising that show a “talent or passion for communication.” Applications will only be accepted from October 3 to November 4, and a selection committee will review all applications and screen applicants via FaceTime. In December, finalists will be flown to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters for one-on-one interviews. Orchard participants will then be with the company from January 16, 2017 to August 25, 2017. All participants will be given a competitive salary and a relocation package.

This isn’t the first time Apple has created a program intended to educate the next generation of Apple employees. In 2011, Apple created Apple University, an internal program to teach new employees about management techniques and the history of how Apple has approached problems and decisions.

Update: Apple has pulled the webpage describing the Orchard program, but the job listings remain available.